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Programming is the heart of Jack and Jill.

The Jack and Jill Mission is to develop leaders of tomorrow through our National Programmatic Thrust of leadership development, volunteer service, philanthropic giving and civic duty. As Mothers with similar beliefs and values, we have embraced Jack and Jill as part of our village. Our Jack and Jill village is charged with providing meaningful experiences and opportunities that will allow our children to flourish. Our Chapter must work cohesively to ensure our programming is the cornerstone that drives the engagement mothers and children.

President Mooring has charged us with, “Reigniting the Flame: Continuing the Legacy. I am excited about the work we will do together as mothers, making an imprint in the lives of our children as well as the Philadelphia Community. Philadelphia Chapter, let’s have a great year demonstrating the, “Power to Make a Difference,” in every aspect of our programming!

Backed by 232 Jack and Jill of America, Inc. chapters, the Jack and Jill Foundation are investing and positively impacting African American communities across the United States.

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